Projects directory structure

All projects are saved in the bibisco projects directory (Where is my projects directory?).
The projects directory has this structure:
  • projects directory (purple arrow): is the projects directory you choose.
  • _internal_bibisco2_projects_db_ (green arrow) is the parent directory of all projects.
  • backup (red arrow): is a backup directory where, every time bibisco starts, every project is exported as archive (file with extension .bibisco2). Each archive file has a significant name: title of the project (red line) _ identifier of the project (blue line) _ timestamp of backup in the form YEAR_MONTH_DAY_HOURS_MINUTES_SECONDS (green line). Please note! Starting from version 2.3 a new automatic backup system was introduced and this directory is no longer used.
  • other directories (blue arrow): specific project directory that contains a JSON file (red arrow) that is the project file and images directory (blue arrow) that contains the images of the project.