My projects seem to have disappeared. What can I do?

1) Verify in the Settings -> Directory of the projects that the directory is correct: it has to be the projects directory (the directory indicated with the purple arrow in Projects directory structure page), the directory that contains the subdirectory _internal_bibisco2_projects_db_ :

2) If the pointing is correct and the projects still do not appear in the list of projects, select the most recent backup (files with .bibisco2 extension) from the Automatic backups directory:

and import it as a project:

3) If you have not been successful with points 1) and 2) and you have a backup archive file (file with .bibisco2 extension), you can import it as indicated in the previous point 2).

Ok, but why did it happen? Bearing in mind that the bibisco never deletes the project directory, the most common causes are:

  1. The bibisco projects directory has been moved.

  2. The bibisco projects directory has been renamed.

  3. A new version of the bibisco has been downloaded to the computer and the bibisco projects directory has not been configured correctly (take a look at How to update bibisco).

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