How to save projects on a cloud drive

To save your projects on a cloud drive, Dropbox or Google Drive, for example, you simply have to choose as bibisco projects directory, a directory on your PC or Mac that is synchronized with Dropbox or Google Drive.

Please note:

  • bibisco never connects to your cloud account to retrieve files (in fact, bibisco never asks you to enter your cloud account credentials) but always reads a local directory that must be kept synchronized by the cloud service.

  • you have to select a local directory (i.e. /Users/andreafeccomandi/Google Drive/gdrive-bibisco-projects) and not a network directory (i.e /run/user/1000/gvfs/,user=xxx.yyy/1lpNnSQwU6nKUpaVq21hxvvAKigncclO6)

You choose the bibisco projects directory when you first launch bibisco, and you can change it from the settings menu.

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