How to install bibisco

After you purchased bibisco you received an email like this (if you can't find it check the spam folder):

Press the button View content; the button takes you to a page where you can download the application:

If your operating system is Windows:

  1. download the latest version:

    • bibisco-win32-x64-3.0.1-SE-install.exe (Supporters Edition, Windows installer)

    • bibisco-win32-x64-3.0.1-CE-install.exe (Community Edition, Windows installer)

    • (Supporters Edition, portable version)

    • (Community Edition, portable version)

  2. if you download:

    • Windows installer version:

      • Launch the installer

    • Portable version:

      • unzip downloaded file

      • launch bibisco.exe

If your operating system is Mac:

  1. download the latest version:

    • bibisco-mac-x64-3.0.1-SE.dmg (Supporters Edition)

    • bibisco-mac-x64-3.0.1-CE.dmg (Community Edition)

  2. open downloaded dmg file

  3. follow the instructions

If your operating system is Linux:

  1. download the latest version:

    • bibisco-linux-amd64-3.0.1-SE.deb (Supporters Edition, Debian Package)

    • bibisco-linux-amd64-3.0.1-CE.deb (Community Edition, Debian Package)

    • bibisco-linux-x86_64-3.0.1-SE.rpm (Supporters Edition, RPM Package)

    • bibisco-linux-x86_64-3.0.1-CE.rpm (Community Edition, RPM Package)

    • (Supporters Edition, Zipped Directory)

    • (Community Edition, Zipped Directory)

  2. if you downloaded:

    • Debian or RPM package:

      • install the package

    • Zipped Directory:

      • unzip downloaded file

      • open terminal

      • navigate into unzipped directory

      • launch ./bibisco

Problems? Take a look:

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